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Orang Kampung Longjack X Herbal Beverage is formulated from Vitex Pubscens, Honey, Eurycoma Longifolia, Nigella Sativa, Vitamin and Dates.
Category: Beverages
Content: 250ml

Orang Kampung Kacip Fatimah With Collagen Herbal Beverages is formulated from Collagen, Green Tea, Labisia Pumila, Pomegranate Concentrate and Honey.
Category: Beverages
Content: 250ml

Longjack Juice OK

Longjack Juice OK are formulated with Eurycoma Longifolia Jack extract pure honey and selections of quality and finest herbs.

Longjack is enriched with vitamins and minerals. It has no artificial flavours, colouring and additives. Unlike many other energy drinks in the market, Longjack imparts herbal, natural and is safe for everyday consumption. The benefits of Longjack Juice OK are provides energy throughout the day , stimulate the production of male hormone testosterone , can treat bone aches, eliminates drowsiness and fatigue , relieves pain and reduce digestive problems.

Category: Beverages
Content: 250ml

Longjack Gold Juice OK

Longjack Gold are made from Eurycoma Longifolia Jack extract, additional of honey, and others selected herbs. Its helps to provides energy throughout the day, stimulate the production of male hormone testosterone , can treat bone aches, eliminates drowsiness and fatigue, relieves pain and reduce digestive problems

Category: Beverages
Content: 250ml

KF Juice OK

KF Juice OK are formulated from Manjakani, Labisia Pumila, sucrose and pure hony. Its formulated for for women. Its also helps to fulfill women life that is in need of Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs to solve their problems such as help shrink the uterus and slimming, restore energy, strengthen and tighten muscles joints, strengthening of tissues that require hormone estrogen, delaying the aging process and shrinking back vaginal tissues .  However, this product is not suitable for pregnant women.

Category: Beverages
Content: 250ml

Green Tea Latte OK

Green Tea Latte are made from Green Tea, sugar, creamer, skim milk. The benefits of Green Tea Latte OK are rich with antioxidant and helps to control blood pressure, helps in relieveing stress and able to increase energy and vitality of the body.

Category: Beverages
Content: 25g (150ml) x 15sachet

Serbat Tea OK

Serbat Tea is one of OK Group products specially formulated with the highest quality of tea and ginger extracts. Serbat Tea appropriate to help removal of air in the body as well as can improve the human body digestive system.

Category: Beverages
Content: 25g (200ml) x 20sachet

Losyen Habbatussauda

Specially formulated from black seed. It Helps to relief stiffness and muscular acne, head acne. Contained antiseptic and antioxidants which aids skin inflammation such as rashes and itchiness. It’s gives soothing and refreshing affect after use

Category: Cosmetic
Content: 100ml

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