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Green Tea Latte
Green Tea Latte is one of OK Group products specially formulated by
a high quality green tea extract that mixed with skim milk and creamer makes the taste more palatable. It's suitable served for the whole family.
Category: Beverages
Content: 25g (150ml) x 15 sachet

Serbat Tea
Serbat Tea is one of OK Group products specially formulated with the highest quality of tea and ginger extracts. Serbat Tea appropriate to help removal of air in the body as well as can improve the human body digestive system.
Category: Beverages
Content: 25g (200ml) x 20 sachet

Gamat Lotion
Gamat Lotion is formulated with gamat extract and allantoin. It's suitable for used to soften and lubricate the skin. It's also can impressive moisturize dry skin, & additionally can help treat skin problems.
Category: Cosmetic
Content: 100ml

Gamat Gel
Gamat Gel is typically formulated with gamat extracts. This product has proven to help speed up the healing of superficial wounds, skin care were scalded from fire & treating acne. It's also can help treat skin Inflammation problem.
Category: Cosmetic
Content: 100ml

Daora Aromatheraphy Massage Oil
Daora Aromatheraphy Massage Oil used effectively for massage the whole body & help restore the freshness and relieve nerve pressure. It's also helps generate a feeling of comfort and peace through scent nice addition to help bring calm and relaxed in the residence hall.
Category: Cosmetic
Content: 3 Bottle 50ml for Each Set

Morinda Emulsion
Morinda Emulsion is a OK Group product specially formulated for consumers who emphasis on bodily health care. It's extracted from the noni fruit (Morinda Citrifolia). Which are naturally rich in enzymes "xeronine", in which it can help promote growth of tissue in the body.
Category: Internal Treatment
Content: 525ml


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